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Teachers Rock | Affirmation Cards

Teachers Rock | Affirmation Cards

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 Are you ready to rock the classroom this school year?

Here's what's included: Give yourself (or your) favorite educator a confidence boost with Teachers Rock!  Featuring teacher-approved affirmations to keep you motivated and empowered throughout the school year. These positive messages will remind you of your greatness and all the super-duper things you do every day. What better way to start off the school year! 🤩

Who said learning couldn't be fun? Grab your set today!


🌟 You will receive 30 empowering cards of affirmation 

 🌟 Each card is designed with thoughtful affirmations for teachers and educators to remind them of their value, impact, and awesomeness

🌟 A must-have for any educator looking to stay motivated!

🌟 Your cards will come safe and sound in either our sturdy clear transparent boxes, or, a natural Kraft box for safekeeping and storage

🌟 These cards feel thick and smooth, with beautiful rounded corners. Printed on premium-quality card stock with vibrant colors to brighten your day

🌟 Perfect for self reflection, meditation, or as a thoughtful gift to encourage a teacher friend 

🌿 Handmade and Printed in the USA 🇺🇸; Colors may vary due to computer monitor settings

Order your card stand here:

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Why choose Mindful Me and Co.?

We're all about spreading positive vibes and empowering you with affirmations. From morning mantras to bedtime reminders, our messages are more than just words – they're tools to help you change your life for the better! How, you ask? Mindset is everything! We've got an incredible selection of affirmation cards and wall art for kids, women, and men to cover every aspect of life. From inspiring quotes to motivational blogs, our goal is to encourage and inspire you every day. 🌟💪🌈

Are you looking for ways to boost your mental health and overall wellness? Or, are you looking for motivation in work, to deepen your christian faith, or manifest your goals with confidence and self-love? 

 Shop All Things Positive today!

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Product Details & Dimensions

  • No. of affirmation cards: Varies, see product description for more information
  • Card size (approx): 3.5 in x 5 in (+/- .5 cm)
  • Printed on thick and smooth card stock with rounded corners
  • Reusable Packaging: Ships in a Clear transparent box or Natural Kraft storage box for safekeeping
  • Bright colored unique designs and illustrations
  • Wooden card stand sold separately

Shipping & Delivery

Ships within 1-3 business days.

Useful Tips!

Using affirmation cards is simple! It's also fun, engaging and inspiring! Here are some recommended ways to use them:

  1. Choose a Daily Card: Start your day by selecting an affirmation card to read first thing in the morning. Throughout the day, revisit the card to remind yourself of its empowering message. Before bed, read the affirmation again, letting it set a positive tone for your dreams.
  2. Choose a Weekly Card: Choose an affirmation card at the beginning of each week to focus on. Keep it as your guiding mantra throughout the week, allowing its message to shape your thoughts and actions.
  3. Gratitude Journaling: Write down things you are grateful for each day to shift your focus towards positivity. Use the affirmation cards as journal prompts.
  4. Meditation: Take deep breaths and focus on the present moment to reduce stress and improve mental clarity.
  5. Thoughtful Gift: Share the power of affirmations with loved ones by gifting them affirmation cards. Encourage positivity and self-belief in their lives, making a thoughtful and inspiring gift.
  6. Home or Office Decor: Display affirmation cards in frames or on a bulletin or vision board as beautiful and practical home or office decor. Let their vibrant designs and positive messages inspire and uplift the energy of your living and office spaces.
  7. Carry Them Everywhere: Keep a few affirmation cards in your car, purse, wallet, or any place you frequent throughout the day. Surround yourself with positive words and images that inspire you and remind you of your goals.

Remember, there are no strict rules when it comes to using affirmation cards. Feel free to get creative and use them in a way that resonates with you. Let them be a constant reminder of the power of positive thinking and your ability to achieve great things.

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